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Broadband Solutions

TMNet Streamyx
Tmnet streamyx brings the web's rich multimedia content to life, at up to 100 times the speed of an ordinary Internet connection. There's simply no better time to give your home or office the broadband advantage with tmnet streamyx.
The latest wireless 4G Broadband Internet service in Malaysia.
Celcom Broadband
Celcom is Malaysia's No.1 mobile broadband provider, and with good reason: we offer you the widest coverage (over 71% of Malaysia's populated areas), and most affordable plans. We also give you the latest, sleekest modems and hardware - and continuously implement network upgrades and enhancements. It's no wonder that our subscriber base is aggressively growing; don't miss out on joining Malaysia's largest and absolute best Mobile Broadband community.
Maxis Broadband
Get connected with the Maxis Wireless Broadband service. You can now do all your favourite things online quickly whether in or out of your home.
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